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Scorecard Explanation


Vote Solar and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s (IREC) residential solar permitting best practices were last updated in May 2013. The best practices were developed with feedback from municipal officials and permitting experts. Download the Best Practices: Project Permit_ Best Practices in Solar Permitting.

The scorecards on Project Permit were developed by matching ‘best practice’ fields to data fields captured in the, a FREE and active community-based database that compiles solar permitting requirements around the nation into one single & easy-to-use website.


Best Practices in Solar Permitting Scorecard:



# Question Matched Scorecard Field Score = Best Practice Score = Not Best Practice Weighting Final Score
1 Is there a solar permitting checklist? Posts requirements online? yes = best practice no= not best practice 0.05 0.5
2 Online permit applications Allows online processing? available= best practice no= not best practice 0.05 0.5
3 Is there an over-the-counter permit option Fast Turn Around Time? Yes = best practice no= not best practice 0.25 2.5
3 Ave. turn around time for residential permit Fast Turn Around Time? under 3 days turn around time = best practice over 3 days = not best practice 0.15 1.5
4 Permit Fee = “Flat Rate” PLUS “$400 or less” Reasonable Permitting Fees? $400 or less = best practice no = not best practice 0.25 2.5
5 Licensing for solar contractors No community specific licenses needed? Additional licensing beyond a business license is not required= best practice no= not best practice 0.05 0.5
6 Time window for a scheduled inspection Offers a narrow inspection appointment window? 2 hours or under = best practice more than 2 hours =not best practice 0.1 1
7 Number of inspections required Eliminates excessive inspections? 1 inspection = best practice more than 1 inspection = not best practice 0.1 1
Total Points: 10


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